What is Bible Ministries?

This ministry focuses on calling people of all ages to meet God daily through Bible Reading and Prayer. Scripture Union Ghana fulfills this call through the production, sale and distribution of Bible Reading Notes or Devotional Guides annually. Part of our Bible Ministries also includes the sale of Bibles and Christian Literature, running of Bible-Use Seminars and the promotion of regular Bible Study at the personal level and within Small Groups amongst SU Groups and Fellowships. To this end, SU produces Bible Study Guides for its Groups and Fellowships such as Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, Colleges of Education and Community Fellowships.

Objectives of Bible Ministries.

  1. To help children, young people and families to meet God daily through the Bible and Prayer.
  2. To make daily Bible Reading and Study easy, exciting and meaningful, leading to true conversion, victorious living, and fruitful service to the church and society.
  3. To build up believers who are devoted to regular Bible Study, Prayer and Practical Holy Living.

Types of SU Bible Reading Guides.

SU has these devotional guides for different age groups:

  • Daily SuperFood for Children.
  • Daily Power for Youth and Family.
  • Daily Guide for Adults.
  • Daa Nkwa Abodoo for Adults in the Twi Ghanaian language.