What is Community Fellowships and Prayer Warriors Ministry?

SU Community Fellowships are groups of SU members located within a town or community. This ministry is essential in its primary vision to promote Bible Study, Prayer and Evangelical Witness within urban and rural communities.

Objectives of Community Fellowships.

Why a fellowship?

a) to lead people to a whole hearted faith in Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him.

b) to promote regular and thoughtful reading of the Bible and prayer. And to encourage Small Group Bible Study; and large group Bible teaching of the Christian doctrines.

c) to encourage the practical expression of Christian responsibility in the home, church and the community.

d) to encourage regular meeting together or fellowship of believers

(Hebrews 10:25).

e) To encourage formation of prayer cells, to promote general prayers

and intercessory prayer.

Activities of Community Fellowships.

The following are some of the programmes organised for Community Fellowships.

  • House-to-house Evangelism
  • Community Crusades
  • Leadership Training Seminars
  • Evangelism Training Seminars
  • Bible-Use Training Seminars
  • Prayer Retreats and Conferences
  • Special Community Outreach Programmes
  • School of Healing & Deliverance Workshops