What is Camps & Conferences Ministry?

This ministry includes events which involve community living at least overnight depending on the nature and type of camp meeting or conference. These Camps and Conferences are held annually at the National and Regional levels as well as the area levels within the regions where SU is located.

Objectives of Camp & Conferences Ministry.

The following constitutes the objectives of SU Camps and Conferences ministry:

  1. To present the gospel to campers in the context of an employable and worthwhile holiday;
  2. To promote Christian discipleship including Personal Bible Meeting and Prayer;
  3. To train people for leadership and service.

Activities of Camp & Conferences Ministry.

The following Camps and Conferences are organised annually:

  • National Leadership Conference
  • Adult Warriors Annual Retreat
  • Teens Warriors Annual Retreat
  • Youth Development Camps
  • Lifebuild Camps
  • Adult Camps
  • Study Camps
  • Adventure Camps
  • Sports Camps
  • Christmas Community Missions