What is Schools Ministry?

This ministry represents Scripture Union work in the schools – Junior High Schools,  Senior High Schools and Colleges of Education. Working in partnership with Christian Teachers, Scripture Union seeks to reach everyone in the School World in Ghana with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Objectives of Schools Ministry.

  1. Evangelism – to lead students to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Discipleship – to encourage and instruct in the development of Christian character and practical holy living.
  3. Bible Reading and Prayer Promotion – to promote the thoughtful, consistent and daily Bible Reading and Prayer amongst the students as a means of evangelism and nurture.
  4. Student Leaders Training – to equip students for evangelistic outreach to their peers, for leadership within the SU group and for responsible behaviour at home, church and community.

Activities of Schools Ministry.

  • Evangelistic Rallies
  • School Missions
  • Freshers Crusades
  • Special Gospel Outreach Programmes
  • Small Groups Bible Studies
  • Bible Quizzes
  • Prayer Retreats
  • Evangelism Training Seminars
  • Bible-Use Training Seminars
  • Value Education & Life Skills Training Seminars
  • School Leadership Training